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Houses Postjesweg Amsterdam

Vera Yanovshtchinsky architects designed this complex at the Postjesweg. The balustrade of the gallery at the back is of diffuse glass. Each door has a fixture, this achieved a good feeling of comfort and safety.

21401-060348 s201 pl20 bianca woningen postjesweg amsterdam.jpg

The new construction and renovation of Postjesweg Noord district Overtoomse Veld is part of urban renewal in Amsterdam Nieuw West. In this project were safety, comfort and of course the appearance of interest. By supporting Vera Yanovshtchinsky Architecten with calculations the installation stayed economical. The installation is designed on the basis of the Police-hallmark. The fixtures are manufactured from a lacquered aluminium housing that has been sunk into the concrete and is equipped with an opalescent PC hood. The BIANCA fixtures are made in various designs, here in a IP44 construction. Large power in central area lighting and small compact lamps in e.g. a gallery-fixture.

Also Van Doorn

22524 S201 FL20 MITA.jpg 21816-020176 S101 PS50 SCALA Trappenhuis.jpg 21308 S101 FS50 ATTICA.jpg 22510 S201 FL10 GIORNO.jpg 21424-070242 S102 PL10 MASTARMATUUR Mast dubbel.jpg 22144 S201 FL40 CONVEX.jpg 22932-070451 S101 PS40 PIGNE Gangzone.jpg 23190 S201 VL50 CINEA.jpg

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